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Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I do with bitB Beta 0.120?

The Beta 0.120 version of bitB has the ability to dynamically map your network into Physical and Logical topologies.


What manufacturers are supported by bitB Beta 0.120?

Cisco is the current manufacturer supported. We will add new manufactures based on user requests.

How much is bitB Beta 0.120?

The Beta versions of bitB is free.

Is there a cost for Service Desk support?

There is no charge for Service Desk Support during the Beta release phase of bitB.

What kind of request can I submit with the Service Desk?

You can search the bitB knowledgebase, submit technical support requests, licensing and billing questions, product trial questions and other questions or you can report a bug, suggest a new feature or suggest improvements.

I placed an order for the Beta version of bitB but I did not receive the confirmation email with the download link and license.

This can happen when your email system blocks the email as SPAM. First, check your junk or SPAM folder. Second, email bitb.support@qosnetworking.com to get the confirmation email sent to a new email address. Send the email from the same email address you registered when you ordered bitB. Enter the following for the subject line – Beta version of bitB – Confirmation not received – new_email_address. We will send the email confirmation to the new email address.

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