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Got it!

  • brad answered 3 years ago
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Hi Jim,

LocalSystem uses these commands.

IOS Devices

show version

show memory

show processes cpu


show version

show system resources

Can you send the output from that device?

Thank you!


  • brad answered 3 years ago
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I forgot to say there are two known bugs in the code you have (bitB 0.61).

1) the SQL credentials are not synched between the installer and bitB. You have run into that problem already.

2) when the DB is created the first time the first device added to the DB is not added correctly. You need to clear the records and add it again.

Did you have any other devices added to the DB?

Did the ASA show up on the logical drawing?

The physical drawing will be blank unless you have two devices that are physically connected.

The logical drawing will show one or multiple devices depending on what devices are selected. Thank you for the feedback!

  • brad answered 3 years ago
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Are you saying that you had something like this: 

QOSTESTSW01#sh mem        
                Head    Total(b)     Used(b)     Free(b)   Lowest(b)  Largest(b)
Processor    1D13D8C    36870772    19255616    17615156    16309184    11132976
      I/O   80000000     8388608     3014508     5374100     5130780     5142344



and you pressed q and that didn’t exit you out of the show mem command?

That could be the problem. I have not seen that.

Just a note also – just checked the code – we set the length to 10 because we previously set it to 0 – so you really don’t need to set it to 10 if you never set it to 0 – we are looking for –More– and once we see it we send the letter q which should exit the show memory command output.

  • brad answered 3 years ago
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